Because it’s a complete, advanced and performant transport management software system
Because it allows you to manage, evaluate and control all your business in the easiest and most rapid way possible, anywhere you want
Because if there’s anything that you might want this kind of system to do, Getex is doing it for sure, and probably a lot more.
Because we are continuously developing this software to constantly adapt to your needs and to the evolution of the transportation industry.


You can access Getex anywhere, anytime, even on your smart phone and see the activity of your business in real time.

Employee Performance Evaluation

You have a clear image on the activity of your employees, you can evaluate the performance of the dispatchers in a certain period, according to criteria established by the dispatchers office coordinator.

Customer Evaluation

Active customers, clients overdue, customers’ orders, clients without orders, profitable and unprofitable customers. You can take the client’s data directly from the Trade Registry and/or VIES.


Financial Statement in real time

You can view the operational profit, you have complete records of your costs so you can easily manage them (justified and unjustified costs, losses, thefts, budget compensation, etc ).

Operational Efficiency

Simplify the work of dispatchers; elimination of multiple operations (?) (the data is introduced once and processed by the system at different reports or operations); the shipping orders contain all the necessary info from the first operation; the communication between departments is improved.

Centralizing /Centralized Data

All data is being kept and processed in a common database for all users; the database is being updated at every data entry; Information is entered only once and it’s available for future billing, inventory, reporting, etc. or for use in external applications (bookkeeping/accountancy/ERP).

Control Car Fleet

Car database; history of orders and shipments for each vehicle; possibility of monitoring the car vehicles through GPS; car park cost analysis with the possibility of reporting by several criteria: vehicle, driver, etc.

Activity Report

Through the reporting system, you can have the projection of the entire business in a single screen, without any effort. The system centralizes all data in an structured form to offer you a correct and complete assessment of the company's activity. From now on, you can be sure that your decisions are taken fast and correct.

Suppliers Report

It’s done after criteria of ISO quality certification organizations or to your own criteria.

Data Security

There are several security levels and you have full control of your user's access level. Also, you can authorize users to access only specific data predefined by you.

All Data/Info remains/is kept in the company

History of company’s information is accessed quickly and easily; if an employee leaves the company, all information processed by him, his leads and achievements are kept in the system, avoiding situations when an employee might leave the company with all the customers and information regarding them.

Our system is continuously developed by our team to constantly adapt to your needs.
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